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Why Smaller Hedge Funds?

While some of the hedge funds offered through the platform are run by large, well known, established managers, we feel that investors will also benefit from yet undiscovered hedge funds who continue to generate attractive absolute returns in various liquid asset classes.  Multiple academic studies have shown that smaller funds generate substantially more attractive risk adjusted returns over a full market cycle.

Institutional or Emerging?  Superstars or yet undiscovered?  On our platform, the choice is yours. 


see, for example, Are Investors Better Off With Small Hedge Funds In Times Of Crisis?

Niche Opportunity Sets

A smaller manager may focus on less-followed securities or mispricing opportunities which could be overlookd when there is too much capital to deploy.  As a result, multi-billion dollar hedge funds have a constrained opportunity set simply by being too large.  

Specialized Expertise

When managing fewer assets, it is easier to focus on a specific industry, asset class, or opportunity set.  Smaller managers tend to be true experts within the strategy they pursue, compared to very large managers who must diversify and become generalists in order to deploy a much large capital base.


of all hedge fund managers have AUM of less than $500 million

source: Hedge Fund Research

Aligned Incentives

Generating performance-linked fees are of critical importance to a small fund, aligning the interests of a manager and her investors.  By contrast, large funds' bottom line is increasingly dependent on management fees, emphasizing asset gathering over performance.

Better Responsiveness

Smaller hedge fund managers often value every investor much more than their large peers.  Investors are likely to have better access to senior management or better able to negotiate customized terms not available to them at larger funds.

217 bps

annual outperformance of small funds vs. large funds for the past 15 years

source: Eurekahedge

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