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Build Customized Multi-Fund Portfolios
Since our inception in 2006 we were focused on sourcing niche alternative investment opportunities.  Today, we combine our investment expertise with advanced technology to offer accredited investors ability to construct fully customized portfolios online. 
Our private online marketplace provides access to curated alternative funds sourced by our investment team.   It is a single point of access into many large, institutional alternative funds, as well as lesser known investment managers who may offer attractive absolute return profiles or excellent diversification benefits.  Additionally, our team sources "off-the-run" investment opportunities in both traditional and alternative asset classes. 
The Horton Point Marketplace is not a simple listing of investment funds.  It is a feature-rich platform, providing advanced tools:
  •   Comprehensive due diligence data rooms;
  •   Dynamic portfolio optimization;
  •   "What-if" impact of new investments on current portfolio;
  •   Customized multi-manager portfolio construction;
  •   Secure KYC vault to simplify and streamline transacations
  •  .... and many more
Marketplace members can build fully customized multi-fund portfolios that fit their specific investment criteria, without paying fund-of-funds fees.
The platform services accredited investors and qualified intermediaries.  Access is free with invitation.
To receive an invitation to join, please complete the registration form.

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