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Integra Platform

We launched Integra Platform in January 2018, in partnership with Lombard International, a leading financial services organization with over $85 billion in assets under administration.   

Integra provides an online access to a broad menu of alternative funds for inclusion in a tax-advantaged structure.   

By using Integra, advisors can build fully customized absolute return portfolios for their clients, wrapping them in a low-cost insurance vehicle enabling deferral of current tax on income and capital gains within investment portfolios.  

Access to Integra is available exclusively to intermediaries (wealth advisors, oursourced CIO's, and placement agents).   To request access to Integra, please email us.

End investors who are interested in learning more should contact us directly.

* Investors and their advisors should consult with tax attorneys regarding eligibility.

Read the Integra brochure