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Gallery for investors

Gallery Marketplace

The online marketplace provides investors with access to a large number of alternative investment options - from passive hedge fund benchmarks to multi-manager, strategy-specific investments to single funds managed by institutional-quality fund managers.    Using our large menu of investment options you can construct a fully customized multi-fund portfolio.  You can utilize our online optimization algorithm or engage our team to assist you in a comprehensive portfolio construction. 


But we are not simply an access platform.  Gallery will fund your purchase with a non-recourse low-cost credit line.  Alternatively, the credit line can be used to purchase other assets to improve diversification and manage wealth expansion.


Gallery Online is currently in beta and will launch live in 2Q2021.  To join the waiting list, click here.

Enhance Return

 Investment returns may be enhanced with the help of our funding program. 

(Note that leverage may increase portfolio risk)   

Diversify Risk

A customized multi-manager portfolio can improve diversification  and potentially reduce risk.

Additional buying power allows for further diversification without further cash outlay. 

Access Liquidity

When liquidity is needed  there is no need to redeem from attractive funds in your portfolio.  The Gallery liquidity solution can provide necessary capital and allow preservation of your portfolio without redemptions.

Liquidity Solutions

for your current portfolio

Your current fund investments may also benefit from our liquidity solutions.  Should a fund you own be approved by the Gallery securities lending team, you will have access to a credit line and benefit from an increased buying power. 

To submit a fund for review or ask us a question, please complete the contact form below and our team will be in touch shortly.



Thank you for submitting.  Our team will reach out to you shortly.
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