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Gallery for fund managers

Improve Capital Raising

Any of your current or prospective investors can increase their investment in your fund, without additional cash outlay.  

Increase Capital Stability

In times of liquidity crunch, investors exit their most liquid holdings.  Gallery can provide your investors with needed cash, without forcing redemptions.

Monetize Own Investment

Principals and employees of the fund manager invested in their own fund can either leverage their current investment or use it as collateral to borrow funds from Gallery on a non-recourse basis.

Gallery Marketplace

Our digital marketplace provides investors with access to institutional-quality funds that have been already approved for the Gallery program.  Once your fund is approved, it will become available to all accredited/qualified investors registered on the Gallery Marketplace.  These include independent wealth advisors, OCIOs, UHNW investors and family offices.  We provide investors with seamless access to available products, along with non-recourse financing of their purchases.  Being a part of the Gallery marketplace may enhance your visibility and the ability to attract new investors.

Our approval process

We perform rigorous due diligence in order to approve funds for the Gallery platform.   

To start the process, you may submit the short term through the link below, or contact us directly.

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