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Gallery Enhanced Alpha Program

A financial product that allows accredited investors to expand utility of their hedge fund investments

Unlock the inherent value of your fund investment with a line of credit to be drawn for:


Monetize your hedge fund interests. Get access to cash without having to redeem your investments.  Increase your buying power.


Reduce portfolio risk by diversification.  When risk of your hedge fund investment is greater than expected, utilize additional buying power to hedge unwanted market exposure.


Enhance your fund's returns when risks are too low.   Your fund may provide attractive risk-adjusted returns, but not deliver absolute returns you desire.  You may use additional buying power to leverage your investment and boost returns.  

(remember: leverage increases potential investment risk).

Gallery Enhanced Alpha gives investors flexibility in managing their investment portfolios without having to divest from good assets.

How does it work

To see if your fund may qualify, please fill out the confidential short form:

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