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For Family Offices

We provide select family offices with simplified access to unique alternative investment products spanning the entire spectrum of alternative strategies and asset classes.


Funds and private deals sourced and approved by our research and due diligence team are available for streamlined execution via a single point of entry. 

Our infrastructure allows investors to execute a single set of documents and have a centralized portal for all future transactions.  No matter how many funds you select, you will deal with one custodian, one administrator, a single set of tax and audit documents, and a single AML/KYC process. 


Once you invest, your portfolio will be monitored by our systems to provide important transparency and analytics.  We will monitor each fund's compliance with stated limits and provide regular risk, sensitivity, and scenario analytics so that you can be better equipped to make the right decision.   Portfolio rebalancing is done just as easily - our portfolio optimization engine will provide target weights based on market conditions and investor's objectives.  Once approved by you, the new allocations will be executed by our team without additional paperwork required.  

Through this process, you are in control of building your own multi-product portfolio, while the technology and our team provide seamless execution and monitoring. 

Let our team show you how these investment products can benefit your portfolio.  Click here to connect with us.


A tax-deferred solution may be offered for qualified taxable investors. To learn about tax-advantaged solutions, click here.




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