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Improve your business stability in 


enhance alpha for your investors

Low-cost, non-recourse financing for certain investors in your fund, including GPs.

Your investors may borrow up to $10,000,000 by using LP interests as collateral.

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Reduce the risk of redemptions or gating    

In times of heightened uncertainty , investors may need to raise cash by redeeming from their funds, triggering portfolio liquidations or gating at the worst possible time.  Protect your AUM by offering investors an opportunity to raise cash without redemptions.

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Your AUM

Opportunity to invest with smaller cash outlay  

Offer your prospective investors an opportunity to invest by deploying less cash.  During the times of liquidity crunch, such as COVID-19 crisis, investors value cash preservation. 

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Improve Capital Raise

Enhance Return

Leverage your current fund investment  

If you feel that your fund may deliver attractive returns in the future, you can use our Enhanced Alpha Program to leverage your investment.  

(remember: leverage increases potential investment risk).

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Offer a synthetic leveraged share class  

A synthetic leveraged share class created through our Enhanced Alpha Program may significantly increase capital raising opportunity as compared to an internally-created leveraged class.  How?  

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Create Synthetic Leveraged Class

Borrow against your own LP interests 

If you are invested in your own fund, you may be able to borrow against your LP interests.  Please see more information here.